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Dr. Hochman is Board certified in facial cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive head and neck surgery. Part of his training was conducted on cancer patients, restoring their wounds to make them look "normal" again. He repairs damage caused by facial trauma, melanoma, growths, tumors, and facial malformations. Through his experience performing thousands of these reconstructions on adults and children, he is recognized both nationally and internationally. 

If you have a dermatologist remove tissue from your face, head, or neck, schedule an adjacent appointment with Dr. Hochman for the restoration. His expertise with tiny stitches and knowledge of the skin will give you the very best outcome.

"Why TRUST your FACE to anyone else?"

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If You Are Considering Scar Revision

Scars are unpredictable, regardless of whether they are the result of surgery or an accident. The development of the scars depends on the extent of the initial injury and just how efficiently your body is able to heal itself. Other factors that affect the severity of scars include blood supply to the site, the direction of the wound, the thickness and color of your skin, and the size and depth of the wound. On the other hand, how the scars affect your life and how much they bother you is more of a personal issue rather than a physical one. While no scar can be completely removed, an experienced plastic surgeon can improve how they look and make them less obvious to others by using surgical scar revision or by injecting or applying steroid medications to the scars.

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