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Bring Beauty & Confidence Through Every Age

Everyone desires to appear and feel their best, with our face being the most impactful aspect. Aging is a natural process, leading us to prioritize our appearance. Experience comprehensive facial rejuvenation at Charleston’s premier facial plastic surgery center and surgeon.

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Modern Tools, Amazing Results

New technology and techniques exist now that can help us look and feel better than ever. It’s worth the extra effort to ensure you aren’t merely satisfied with your appearance but are excited about how you appear to others—but more importantly—to yourself.

A Personalized Approach to Facial Care

At The Facial Surgery Center, located in Charleston, we don’t just offer blanket solutions for facial alterations, but share our insights to highlight and restore your natural beauty. Dr. Marcelo Hochman and his highly trained team are the premier facial plastic surgery center in the region not just for our technical tools and ample experience, but because we understand our client’s unique needs and approach each case with the time and individual care they deserve.

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Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Services

Discover your path to the facial appearance you deserve at our plastic surgery center in Charleston, SC. From hair loss restoration to rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, and non-surgical solutions, we offer comprehensive options to enhance your look.

Meet Dr. Hochman

Dr. Hochman has particular expertise in facial and neck procedures, as he has performed thousands of successful cosmetic procedures over the decades. From lip fillers to neck lifts, he knows better than anyone how to work with a client to understand their needs first and then deliver stunning results.

Meet Dr. Hochman: Leading Plastic Surgeon In Charleston, SC

Dr. Hochman, a renowned plastic surgeon in Charleston, SC, excels in facial and neck procedures. With a track record of thousands of successful cosmetic surgeries, from lip fillers to neck lifts, he prioritizes client needs to consistently deliver outstanding results in facial plastic surgery in Charleston, SC.

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Dr. Marcelo Hochamn

Your physical appearance is your immediate window to the world. The Facial Surgery Center in Charleston, SC, combines expertise in plastic surgery to refine your look to your desired standard of satisfaction. Discover our comprehensive services for facial plastic surgery in and experience a transformative change.

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Experience the journey to complete facial renewal and restoration at our Charleston, SC plastic surgery center. If you’re ready for a transformation, reach out to our team of experts today, and discover the powerful possibilities of facial plastic surgery.