Hair Loss Restoration

Hair loss can be a very emotional part of the natural aging process for both women and men and seeking ways to curb this process used to be a challenge. Until NeoGraft,  FDA Approved “State-of-the-Art” Solution for Hair Loss. NeoGraft’s™ advanced technology offers a discrete solution to hair loss, allowing patients to achieve natural-looking results with no linear scar, minimal downtime, and a shorter recovery period. Hair restoration with NeoGraft™ is unnoticeable, making it your secret to tell.

The Advantages of our Hair Loss Restoration

With the NeoGraft™ Automated FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant device, we have taken the benefits of the FUE method and have automated the technique. First, the NeoGraft™ device uses a motorized punch that gently rotates around each individual graft (slowly rotates approximately 2 times) in a perfectly cylindrical shape. Second, the NeoGraft™ device uses a controlled pneumatic pressure (suction) to slide out the follicles smoothly and uniformly, so there is no pulling and twisting as with forceps which puts the follicle at risk for damage.

The “minimally invasive” NeoGraft™ Automated (FUE) and Implantation Hair Restoration procedure are the new “Gold Standard” for hair transplant procedures.
•Superior Results – More natural looking hair, short or long for both men and women.
•Advanced Technology – Automated technology, the least invasive procedure for hair transplantation.
•Gentle – Safe, little to no discomfort. No scalpel incision, no staples, no linear scar.
•Quick Recovery Time – Typically back to work the next day.
•Effective – Fewer activity restrictions than traditional strip methods.
•Discrete – Patients can typically go back to work the next day.
•Affordable – We have programs available to meet your exact needs.

Hair Transplantation Growth and Success Increased with Platelet Rich Plasma is the game changer with significant gains.

If we introduce platelets (PRP) via infiltrating the follicles by soaking them after extraction but before transplantation then apply PRP in the area of the scalp with damaged hair follicles, it amplifies the body’s naturally occurring wound healing mechanism, enhancing hair growth and stimulating the new follicles which have been implanted. The progressive healing process begins immediately and the success is greatly enhanced.

hair3 before 2    hair3 after


Hair Transplant woman before    Hair Transplant woman after

Alternative Methods for Regrowth, SOME without Surgery


There are many benefits derived from using non-surgical PRP treatments to promote healing for hair growth by generating new hair growth, thickening thinned out hair, and making hair transplants grow thicker and healthier.

As we age some hairs randomly begin to shrink in width and not grow as long. Each group of hairs contains both terminal hairs and thinner hairs (like the hairs on the rest of the body), making the scalp look less full. Eventually, some of the thinner hairs are lost and the actual number of follicles may be reduced. In about 30% of adults, even the hair around the back and side of the head (fringe area) gradually thins. PRP stimulates the stem cells around the follicles causing them to thicken.

Hair follicles survive on the nutrition they get from their blood supply. Therefore, introducing these platelets containing hundreds of proteins called growth factors which are very important for tissue regeneration helps the healing process, increase blood circulation, and enhance hair growth.

The platelets are acquired from the patient's own blood. A small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn by the nurse and using a centrifuge isolates the other blood cells from a platelet concentrate, embedded in its own plasma. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes. Since it is processed from the patient’s own blood, there is no risk of allergy or rejection with this treatment.

The rich concentration of platelets now has to be applied to the hair follicles or skin where hair loss has begun in one of three ways:

  1. During a transplant, after the follicles are removed, they are soaked in the plasma to increase their health and strength.
  2. Plasma can also be rubbed on the scalp where implants have been inserted and areas of thinning.  absorbed and speed up the healing process
  3. Plasma can be injected into the scalp in the thinning areas.

The use of PRP to treat hair loss has the potential to change the way hair loss and thinning is treated around the world as it’s a revolutionary, new treatment for hair loss.  Dr. Hochman is on the cutting edge with its use for the growth of thinning and transplanted hair.


Another Alternative

The Hair Loss Treatment Center has another option available to patients–light therapy.

NeoLTS  Light Therapy System is a premier non-invasive treatment clinically proven to improve the appearance of hair and skin. Also designed to be used before and after cosmetic procedures and laser treatments to speed healing. A series of light therapy treatments over 3 to 6 months' time after your hair restoration, greatly augments the regrowth of healthier hair follicles.

  • Vanishes periorbital wrinkles
  • Increases the skin's collagen and elastin
  • Reduces inflammatory acne
  • Lightens age spots, sun spots, and dark circles
  • Improves skin tone and clarity
  • Promotes collagen and elastin
  • Stimulates tissue production
  • Reduces redness and inflammation
  • Scientifically proven to reduce the signs of aging
  • Improves the appearance of fuller, thicker, stronger hair

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