The eyes are often the first area of the face to be noticed and to show signs of aging. Eyelid surgery is the perfect solution for individuals looking for a revitalizing look. As we age, excess skin forms around our eyes. Genetic factors also play a part in this lack of eye elasticity. No matter how much time we spend preventing it with skincare, droopiness is inevitable. With this harmless surgery, you won’t have to settle with puffiness, wrinkles, or other bothersome eye detracting features relating to aging. The procedure simply enhances and refreshes your beauty by removing sagging skin on lids and bags under your eyes. Blepharoplasty can make the eyes look five to ten years younger which will make the face as a whole appear younger too. 

Upper blepharoplasty corrects the drooping and puffiness of the upper eyelid that can make you look old, tired, or sad, as well as interfere with your vision. The procedure will also address the wrinkles and creases that can begin to appear on the eyelids, leaving you looking more rested and alert.

Some benefits of the procedure include:

  • Removes drooping skin around the eyes
  • More rested, youthful, and rejuvenated appearance
  • Removes excess fat
  • Tightens muscle tissue around the eyelids
  • Improves facial aesthetics
  • Corrects puffiness in the upper or lower eyelid
  • Improves natural eye function
  • Restores peripheral vision
  • Corrects lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet that form around the eyelids

As we age, the muscles beneath the skin grow weak, allowing fat to protrude through and cause bags. Lower blepharoplasty corrects this protruding fat and removes any loose skin. Dark circles go hand-in-hand with under-eye bags. The fat that has fallen forward can be removed or repositioned right below where the tissue has fallen to reduce dark shadows that are cast on the eye.

In addition to brightening the eye region, eyelid surgery treats a medical condition that has to do with a drooping eyelid, called Ptosis. Ptosis is a result of nerve damage or poor muscle tone. Blepharoplasty will keep the eyelids from hanging extremely low and will decrease blocked vision.

lower lid blepharoplasty before      lower lid blepharoplasty after InPixio  


tammy heefner 2     Tammy after

   Lower Eyelift

Performing upper and lower blepharoplasty in tandem with a browlift (when a saggy browline, hooding, and loose skin ARE problems) is a sure way to address all of your aging eye concerns.

   Cindy before 2    cindy after 2

Upper Eyelift and Brow Lift


Procedure: Correct drooping upper eyelids and puffy bags below the eyes by removing excess fat, skin, and or muscle. (Upper-eyelid surgery may be covered by insurance if used to correct visual field defects)

Length: 1 to 2 hours.

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or IV sedation

Recovery: Reading: 2-3 days. Back to work: 7 to 10 days. Contact lenses: 2 weeks or more. Strenuous activity: about 3 weeks.

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