Why trust your face to anyone else?

Your face is usually the first thing that you and others notice. There are many surgical procedures as well as enhancement techniques available to rejuvenate the aging face. Deciding on the best procedure will depend on the surgeon’s expertise, the patient’s goals, the structure of the face, and the condition of the skin. Dr. Hochman strives to ensure that his patients are thoroughly informed and understand the procedures they are contemplating in order to make a knowledgeable decision. Each patient is unique and requires a specific approach.

One of America’s top facial surgery specialists

A surgeon must be properly trained in all techniques to be able to offer the best choices and Dr. Hochman is a leading expert, specializing specifically in the face and neck with decades of experience in every procedure, as well as many other enhancement procedures. He has developed a reputation of excellence in facial cosmetic surgery, treatment of migraines and hair restoration for men and women. His volume of cosmetic procedures performed continues to grow. With thousands of successful procedures to date, you will be in experienced hands.

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A Message from the Doctor

FSC_Home-MessageDrMy interest in facial plastic surgery stemmed from my initial involvement with patients with major facial and head/neck cancers at Stanford.

I was fascinated by the operations required to remove these complex tumors but the highlight was always the second part of the operations-putting everything back together. In spite of whatever had been done to treat the cancer, the patients’ eventual point of focus was their appearance. Did they look ‘normal’?

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