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The Facial Surgery Center is now offering Permanent Make-up, or Micro-pigmentation. With this procedure we can enhance facial beauty and correct problematic issues by restoration or correction of the shape of unflattering or missing eyebrows, accentuation of eyes, correction of lip asymmetries and improvement of their size and shape. Stretch marks and scars can be camouflaged and areolas restored. 



Now you can look great from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. 

The makeup solution for people who can’t wear conventional makeup due to allergies or poor eyesight, or want to simply begin the day with minimal time and effort. These procedures last for years!

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Eyebrows –  creates beautiful, sculpted eyebrows that have a soft, natural look.  This treatment lasts for 3 to 5 years, and has revolutionized the way people with very faint or sparse eyebrows look and feel about their appearance.

Permanent Eyeliner – select any color and whether you prefer thin, medium or heavy liner around your eyes.  This also lasts 3-5 years.

Lip Therapy –  new lip treatments, without injections. Lips will appear more full and symmetrical.  Treatment adds volume and color and lasts 3-5 years.

3D Lips – use of two different color selections making lips fuller and lasts 3-5 years.

Scar Revisions –a multi-treatment procedure can remove scars and stretch marks from your body. This is particularly popular for facial scars.

Semi Permanent Mascara – no more clumps or mascara on your eyelids to clean away. Ready to go eyes. Lasts 3 months.

PMU Model All
Permanent makeup has been around for a long time primarily used in reconstruction surgery processes for cancer patients. It was utilized as part of breast reconstruction, eye brow restoration and to camouflage scars. It’s an additional cosmetic option we felt would benefit both women and men. After years of advancements, permanent cosmetic application has undergone some wonderful and exciting changes and developments. Beautiful customized color pigments are chosen for your skin tone and hair color. We custom blend color for each individual. Pigment is deposited under the skin to give long lasting color with the use of a digital permanent make-up machine which creates a soft, natural looking shadow of color. Micro Pigment Implantation is hygienic and completely safe. New anesthetics and technique produce a numbing effect for eyebrows, eyeliners and lips, that allows for applications with minimal discomfort. Refined techniques and state of the art equipment greatly reduce the time involved to perform your procedure.

Who Benefits from Permanent Make UP?     Men as well as women 

  • Busy people with little time to apply  make up
  • People with allergies to conventional make up
  • Anyone who desires freedom from daily make up application
  • Those who are active in sports, etc.
  • Those with oily skin who tend to shed make up easily
  • Burn survivors and people with skin flaws
  • Sufferers of alopecia, vitiligo and trichotillomania
  • Men and women who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features
  • Entertainers, actresses and models 
  • Those who wish to look their best all of the time!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this procedure painful? Topical anesthetics are used to minimize discomfort.
  • Do I have a choice of colors? Definitely! There’s a wide spectrum of colors from which you may choose.
  • Do I have a choice in the placement of the pigments? Of course, design and placement will be determined during your consultation.
  • What is involved in recovery? There will be slight swelling and redness in the skin, which subsides quickly. You may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. Complete healing take one to six weeks while the pigmentation matures and reaches its final color.
  • How long will the make up last? It will last for years. Touch ups will keep the pigmentation vibrant.
PERMANENT MAKE UP SHOULD BE…Fresh and Natural Looking     

If there are no contraindications, medical history or medication conflicts, we can do the procedure the same day with client approved patch test.

The Technique of application for permanent cosmetics only requires 2 treatments, 3 weeks apart that generally last 3 1/2 to 5 years, depending on client’s sun exposure and skin care protection.

Clients pay for BOTH applications at the 1st application. The next visit is for a scheduled Touch Up at no charge at 3 weeks post procedure.


  • "The things I appreciated most: I considered this for 5 years and discussed with Dr. Hochman on several occasions. I never felt any pressure or was subjected to any 'sales pitch'. It was always emphasized that it should be my decision and one with which I would be comfortable. The friendliness of the staff. Every single person I have met in the office has been exceedingly friendly. The emphasis on the availability of Dr. Hochman after the procedures. The timely and thorough communications." - WT
  • "Dr. Hochman, Kim, and the entire staff have saved my life. I've never had a doctor so genuinely interested in my health and wellbeing. My migraines rule my life, but because of Dr. Hochman's treatments, I am able to have a measure of freedom again. I cannot recommend him enough for migraine treatment. He is compassionate, caring, professional and, frankly, family at this point."
  • "Dr. Hochman and his staff have been caring for our daughter and treating her Port Wine Stains for over 10 years now! He is a world renowned Dr and in high demand, but the brat part is he LOVES our child and that makes him the best! We consider Dr Hochman and his staff one of our greatest blessing and thank God for them!"
  • "To be honest, I couldn’t have had a better experience. From start to finish, Dr Hochman and his wonderful staff took the BEST care of me. I had a VERY large basal cell area removed from the side of my nose and cheek. They referred me to a wonderful dermatologist who got me in right away. After the Mohs procedure, Dr Hochman did my repair three days later, right in his own office with a fabulous anesthesiologist and super nurse. And now, twelve weeks later, you can hardly tell anything was done. Beautiful job!" -
  • "We absolutely LOVE Dr. Hochman! Our 16 month old had a large hemangioma removed from his forehead and you can’t even tell it was ever there! He did such a great job there isn’t even a visible scar. He is honest, to the point and was beyond helpful after hours when we needed him. We are beyond happy we found him!" -Laurie
  • "Wish I had done my homework [searching for doctors]. Thanks to Dr. Hochman for fixing another’s [doctor’s] mistakes." -Terrie
  • "If every doctor and staff strives to be as caring and generous as you, the world would be filled with more smiles and laughter. You and your team took care of us as if we were the most important people on earth. We appreciate and value your outstanding expertise and care. Surgery, even elective, is scary. We would like to thank you for making this such an amazing experience." -MW & WB


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