"I went for a consultation on chin liposuction and Dr. Hochman told me my best options, for now, are Ultherapy (skin tightening.) Not anything invasive. He actually down sold me. Had the Ultherapy with Mindy and she was fabulous, knowledgeable, kind, and just fun to be around. Went back for botox and Dr. Hochman reviewed me and gave me options to achieve the results I wanted as well as understood my reluctance to surgery at this time. The practice manager then came in to not 'sugar coat' anything and gave me detailed advice on what was expected if I had surgery, how to plan, etc. When I got the injectables the doctor was very straightforward and hence I decided on the lowest priced option. That's the type of honesty I appreciate. The entire office staff is kind, nice, knowledgeable, honest, don't try to upsell you, just good people. Dr. Hochman is warm, you can tell very skilled in the way he talks to you and skilled at showing you what he sees and why he suggests what he suggests (through his surgeon's eyes.) I just like him. There's a reason the reviews are so good here."  MV

I am less than 2 months post-surgery and I am so delighted with my youthful and completely natural appearance. The procedure and aftercare have been superb. I could not have been happier with Dr. Hochman and his wonderful staff. They were always professional, caring and reassuring. He explained every detail and I was completely comfortable in his care before, during and after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Hochman and the Facial Surgery Center. PJK

Great Service by Mr Hochman. Great service from everyone there. Had surgery to remove scar on face. Surgery took about 20min. Two of the female surgeons was there in the room along with him while performing the surgery. He listen to his patients and is even concerned about patient even after surgery. He gives great steps to follow when caring for the injury. I advise anyone who is thinking of surgery with him, dont think twice. He is a great surgeon who knows his work!"  Kim J

"I was very pleased with the results of my surgery. Front office staff and the nurses were fantastic and so knowledgeable. The Doctor was very kind and thorough during the entire process. Thank you!" Sharon P

“Dear Dr. Hochman,
I know that I do not tell you ‘thank you’ enough. But you do not know how thankful I am for you. If it was not for you I would very bad off. Every person that I meet with a birthmark I tell them about you. You have made such a impact in people’s lives, expessially mine. At first I was scared about the surgery, but then I realized that I had you as a Doctor and that you would let nothing happen to me. Thank you for everything you do!
Love, Abby

Dr. Hochman, I’m so pleased, happy, thrilled with your work (on me). I could not have asked for more. Thank you. Debbie

Dr. Hochman is the BEST!! If I need any other services, I would utilize him. I recommend him also to people.

Dr. Hochman is THE standard; frankly, it now hard for me to commit to a physician who is not “up to his level” – I always feel like his patient vs. his customer.

Dr. Hochman has never “shorted” me on time to answer my questions and ensure I comfortably understood the answers to my questions/procedures to be followed.

Thanks to Dr. Hochman for doing an amazing job on our little boy’s face. It’s hard to tell he ever had  port wine stains on his face. Claire

Dr. Hochman gives an honest assessment and will not  perform unneeded procedures. He is an honest, respectable MD. Do not feel like he is in the business just to make money.

Highly recommend the Facial Surgery Center. No doubt five-star and beyond! We went there from Vancouver for daughter's hemangioma surgery. Dr. Marcelo Hochman is very professional, friendly and amazing with a group of supportive and knowledgeable staff, the nurse Kim, manager Jennifer and all other lovely staff who are caring and attentive to your need. Precise treatment plan, fair quote, sharing the experiences and useful information by Dr. Hochman and his staff make you peace of mind to meet your expectation and minimize the cost. Ali.Allen

I first went to Dr. Hochman 2 years ago to help treat my severe chronic migraines. He is completely dedicated to his patients, finding progressive treatments, and recommending additional providers to help with treatment. It has be a blessing to find him. And it's refreshing to find a doctor and staff that truly put the care of the patient first. Everyone is super nice, wait time is minimal and he takes the time to listen and explain. One of the best! Andreana

Dr. Hochman and his staff are always very helpful, friendly and courteous. I am very happy with my surgical procedures. I also love the Medical Grade FACIAL Products they offer.

Dr. Hochman and staff are very professional and friendly. I was a little nervous on the day of my appointment but they quickly put me at ease, addressing concerns with a comprehensive game plan to include tips and tricks for a quick and complete recovery. Barnes

He is very kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. He is the first doctor to actually care about my migraines and want to help. After suffering for 35 years, it was nice to have a doctor that cared about me. His staff are all wonderful.

Dr Hochman is a terrific plastic surgeon … experienced and professional. The office staff is friendly and efficient, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences in all my visits. I would definitely recommend Dr Hochman.

If every doctor and staff strives to be as caring and generous as you, the world would be filled with more smiles and laughter. You and your team took care of us as if we were the most important people on earth. We appreciate and value your outstanding expertise and care. Surgery, even elective, is scary. We would like to thank you for making this such an amazing experience. MW & WB

Mindy (our Medical Spa & Clinic esthetician) is superb in her knowledge and her craft! I always feel beautiful when I leave She seems to take care of my face as if it were her own. I can't recommend her enough! Trisha

My child had a hemangioma issue…Dr. Hochman was and has continued to be very helpful with my daughter. He is the most knowledgeable and professional Dr. that my family has ever known.

Dr. Hochman is hands down the best plastic surgeon in the Charleson area. He was such as asset in helping me figure out a treatment, and corrective plan, for an accidental facial laceration. K Lewis

Wish I had done my homework [searching for doctors]. Thanks to Dr. Hochman for fixing another’s [doctor’s] mistakes. Terrie


  • "The things I appreciated most: I considered this for 5 years and discussed with Dr. Hochman on several occasions. I never felt any pressure or was subjected to any 'sales pitch'. It was always emphasized that it should be my decision and one with which I would be comfortable. The friendliness of the staff. Every single person I have met in the office has been exceedingly friendly. The emphasis on the availability of Dr. Hochman after the procedures. The timely and thorough communications." - WT
  • "Dr. Hochman, Kim, and the entire staff have saved my life. I've never had a doctor so genuinely interested in my health and wellbeing. My migraines rule my life, but because of Dr. Hochman's treatments, I am able to have a measure of freedom again. I cannot recommend him enough for migraine treatment. He is compassionate, caring, professional and, frankly, family at this point."
  • "Dr. Hochman and his staff have been caring for our daughter and treating her Port Wine Stains for over 10 years now! He is a world renowned Dr and in high demand, but the brat part is he LOVES our child and that makes him the best! We consider Dr Hochman and his staff one of our greatest blessing and thank God for them!"
  • "To be honest, I couldn’t have had a better experience. From start to finish, Dr Hochman and his wonderful staff took the BEST care of me. I had a VERY large basal cell area removed from the side of my nose and cheek. They referred me to a wonderful dermatologist who got me in right away. After the Mohs procedure, Dr Hochman did my repair three days later, right in his own office with a fabulous anesthesiologist and super nurse. And now, twelve weeks later, you can hardly tell anything was done. Beautiful job!" -
  • "We absolutely LOVE Dr. Hochman! Our 16 month old had a large hemangioma removed from his forehead and you can’t even tell it was ever there! He did such a great job there isn’t even a visible scar. He is honest, to the point and was beyond helpful after hours when we needed him. We are beyond happy we found him!" -Laurie
  • "Wish I had done my homework [searching for doctors]. Thanks to Dr. Hochman for fixing another’s [doctor’s] mistakes." -Terrie
  • "If every doctor and staff strives to be as caring and generous as you, the world would be filled with more smiles and laughter. You and your team took care of us as if we were the most important people on earth. We appreciate and value your outstanding expertise and care. Surgery, even elective, is scary. We would like to thank you for making this such an amazing experience." -MW & WB


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