Pre-Op and Anesthesia

Well before your surgery, you will have received a package of information from our office that is very important for the success of your procedure. Your proper following of these instructions is very important. Please take the time to go over these documents carefully, make sure you fully understand what we are asking you to do, and insure there is no confusion over prescriptions, items to avoid, or any of our instructions for your procedure.

Here are the critical documents that were included in your packet. Please make sure you have each of these and fully understand the instructions well in advance of your procedure. Our staff will tailor these forms to each individual and review with the patients prior to surgery. If there are any questions, please give us a call at 843-571-4742.

  • Informed Consent Form- Our agreement that you understand the risks of the surgery and give Dr. Hochman and his staff permission to perform the surgery.  We will have discussed all these items in an office visit prior to your procedure.
  • Pre-Operative Instructions for Surgical Patients- Provides a list of prescription medications and recommended herbal supplements you have been asked to take before and after your surgery. It also provides additional guidelines you should follow before and after surgery.
  • Anesthesia -If applicable, before the surgery, you will meet your anesthesiologist and have an opportunity to ask questions. Your anesthesiologist may also wish to ask questions regarding your medical history. Following the surgery, your anesthesiologist will remain available until you are alert enough to meet the criteria for discharge from the “recovery room.” If you have any problems after leaving the office, call Dr. Hochman, and if he deems your problem to be anesthesia related, he will contact the anesthesiologist. Dr. Hochman is always available to you. Call the Facial Surgery Center at 843-571-4742 at any time if you feel you need to. If it is after hours, call the same number for instructions.

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