Non-Surgical Skin Care at MedAesthetic Skin & Laser Spa

In addition to good skin care and sun protection to keep your skin healthy and glowing, facial skin rejuvenation treatments can restore a youthful and vibrant skin. The imperfections can include hyperpigmentation, age spots, acne scars, large pores, freckles, melasma, loose skin, wrinkles and texture irregularities.

Our mission is to ensure our patients receive the customized and personal care they seek, combining the latest in medical and cosmetic technology and innovative techniques paired with expert skin care provided by the MedAesthetics Skin and Laser Spa. Having cosmetic surgeries and procedures performed by Dr. Hochman is a part of our approach to turning back time. However, to achieve the best possible results, they should be incorporated into an overall individualized treatment plan with ongoing skin care treatments to address skin tone and texture to preserve the look you want for a longer period by maintaining the results and health of your skin.

We believe healthy skin care starts with a thorough, complimentary one-on-one FREE consultation with our highly educated Aesthetician / Laser Specialist, Sharon Heinmen, with 16 years’ experience and a high degree of training in medical and holistic aesthestics.  You will receive the most professional, outcome-focused treatments designed just for you and your skin at MedAesthetic Skin & Laser Spa in a quiet, stress-free area.  After assessing your skin with the VISIA Complexion Analysis and discussing your concerns and questions, a course of treatment is formulated and thoroughly explained by our Specialist. All patients and clients are given a thorough consultation before deciding on the course of treatment. Each treatment is customized to each individual’s needs. 

At The Facial Surgery Center and MedAesthetic Skin & Laser Spa all procedures are safe due to our level of training, expertise in the field, and long-term commitment to safety. Our lasers and light-based equipment are classified as medical devices and we believe that medical devices should ideally be used in an environment where there is direct physician supervision.

Find out about the non-surgical skin care treatments that are available at The Facial Surgery Center MedAesthetic Skin & Laser Spa to improve your skin tone, texture, and premature aging with minimal downtime.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Micro-Needling

Vibradermabrasion or Vibrafusion Therapy

Facials / Facial Peels

NeoLTS Light Therapy

Laser Treatments

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Results from VBeam Perfecta Laser & LED Lights Treatments Special below: before 1st and 4th treatments. Great improvement in laxity, neck and skin texture also.











Results from Timeless (Prestige) medium depth Retinoic peel


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Acne Treatment