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Effective Laser Hair Removal With GentleYAG® Laser

When it comes to laser hair removal procedures, you have to be very careful of the services you purchase and the expert you engage. This is because going to an unresearched treatment center may lead to permanent damage to your skin and face.  Such damage may be difficult to repair.

While there is no fix-all solution when it comes to laser hair removal procedures, having it performed by expert medically-trained staff like Trivette, our Esthetician at The Facial Surgery Center, maximizes the results you desire without the unwanted side-effects.

An effective laser hair removal procedure must take into consideration the different types of skin that people have including skin that gets tanning treatment. This is important because essentially every skin type possesses a different characteristic for hair growth, size, and texture. In order to effectively eliminate hair growth in areas like the neck, face, back, chest, under arms, legs, arms, bikini area, 5 o’clock shadows, and around beards, etc. the proper skin type must be considered. Men and women have different hair density and growth, but our Aesthetician is trained for all types of hair and their removal.

Essentially, the GentleYAG® laser hair removal services are capable of doing just that—effectively removing hair from all of these problem areas. To give you an idea of how the procedure is done, here are some steps we follow with you:

  1. Everything begins with your consultation.  This is perhaps one of the most important steps when you want to avail yourself of GentleYAG® laser hair removal services. The importance of this process is highlighted by the fact that it will give you the chance to talk to our hair removal expert who can answer all your questions.  Basically, all potential concerns can be addressed during the consultation including the explanation to the patient of the potential after effects of undergoing a laser hair removal procedure.
  2. The next step is to find the correct treatment parameters. This is a critical step especially when you consider the need for potentially more energy when dealing with darker skin types. Consistent with the majority of laser hair removal procedures, it is possible that perifollicular edema or swelling can be experienced. This however can be easily treated with ice or anti-inflammatory creams.
  3. You will then be given instructions on how to prepare for the actual procedure. This can include preparation of the skin to allow for a more beneficial laser hair removal procedure. Tanning should also be discontinued because melanin attracts lasers and the tanning process increases the melanin in the hair and skin which may negatively impact the overall efficiency of the procedure.
  4. It is possible that on the day of the procedure, before anything else, the technician may shave excess hair from the target areas. To make the process faster, you can shave the target areas yourself a day before your scheduled laser hair removal procedure.
  5. Make sure that on the day of the procedure you come in without make-up, lotion, perfume, deodorant, or any other cosmetics on the target areas. This is to avoid unnecessary refraction of the energy from the laser which can affect the effectiveness of the laser hair removal procedure. Please ask for an anesthetic cream from the technician or doctor before the procedure if you have a low pain threshold. This will help dull the surrounding skin and lessen the sensation of discomfort or pain. Sometimes oral painkillers are also recommended at least 15 minutes before the actual procedure.
  6. After the completion of the laser hair removal procedure it is normal to observe the target areas as reddish and seemingly irritated. Simply keep these areas well hydrated, free from other irritations, and protected from sun exposure. Usually the skin on the target areas will normalize within one to two days after the procedure.
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