Liposuction of Neck & Jowls

Liposuction slenderizes and tones chin, neck and jowls

Liposuction of the neck and jowls is a procedure that was designed to address excessive fatty deposits that cluster around the chin, neck and jowl area. This procedure takes about an hour and can be done under local anesthesia.

The AccuLift procedure involves using a laser to liquefy the fat, which is removed by a syringe. The laser then heats the underside of the skin, which causes it to tighten over the course of six to eight weeks.

Liposuction of the neck and jowls is one of the most rewarding procedures in aesthetic surgery. With a short procedure patients can achieve a dramatic change in their appearance. With recent technical advances, the results achieved with liposuction can rival those achieved with a facelift.

Read the Charleston Post & Courier article about Dr. Hochman and the Acculift procedure.

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