Chin and Cheek Augmentation

Balances overall facial features

Cheek Augmentation is a procedure that is designed to address the drooping of the cheekbone and “cheek pad” which results in a “hollowed” appearance. Cheek augmentation is not designed to give bigger cheekbones. It is to replace the fullness that has been lost in the cheekbone area through the aging process.

Chin Augmentation is designed to enhance the overall balance of the lower face by improving deficiencies in the chin structure. This procedure is done on both men and women and is tailored specifically to each patient’s needs. A male patient may require a larger chin to give him a more “masculine” jawline; a female patient may require a chin that does not protrude but needs “support” on either side in order to have a clean and attractive jawline. The result is a subtle but distinct change in the overall aesthetic harmony of the face.

Procedure Details

Procedure: Change the basic shape and balance of the face using carefully shaped implants to build up a receding chin, add prominence to cheekbones, or reshape the jawline.
Length: 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Anesthesia: Local or IV sedation.
Recovery: Back to work: less than 1 week. Normal appearance: 2 weeks. Activity that could jar or bump face: 6 weeks or more.

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Before & After Chin Augmentation

Ruth before sideRuth after side chin, endo browlift, faceliftJK before sideJK after side chin _ nose