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We are located in the heart of the renowned Charleston, SC, medical community where we offer a complete line of services and products to help improve your unique look with the best treatment options. Begin with a personalized consultation and plan your amazing transformation. Dr. Hochman will devote the time you need to understand the look you desire. Through experience, observation and listening, he will assist you in developing a personalized plan to achieve your individual goals. We strive to improve your appearance and reduce the signs of aging with today’s cosmetic procedures with much less recovery time than earlier procedures.

Plastic surgery and skin care solutions

Our mission is to insure our patients enjoy a warm, friendly and compassionate environment while receiving the customized and personal care which they need. Combining the latest in medical and cosmetic technology paired with innovative techniques, our goal is to provide the surgical and skin care solutions you desire. A surgeon must be properly trained in all techniques to be able to offer the best choices and Dr. Hochman is recognized as a leading expert with decades of experience in every surgery, as well as many other enhancement procedures, so you will be in highly qualified hands. The secret to maintaining your procedures and to continue looking your best is to combine them with skin care regimens such as laser and esthetic treatments for small wrinkles, age spots, collagen building and nourishing your skin, etc. Our Esthetician is a skin care and make up makeover specialist in addition  to having Permanent Make Up  training and experience to will fill your every need. We have a full array of options for you to look your absolute best.

The Charleston FACE Club

TAKE YOUR APPEARANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Don’t trust your beauty to just anyone. Expertise, precision, peace of mind. Because you deserve it. Dr. Hochman has opened an exclusive, first-of-its kind facial rejuvenation club. We are offering an integrated approach to your facial concerns, guided every step of the way by a nationally recognized top facial surgeon. Your annual membership in the Club includes your choice of specially tailored programs, he performs every procedure, and is there every step of the way.

Cosmetic surgery seminars

If you have thought about a cosmetic procedure to improve your appearance, but would like to know more about Dr. Hochman and would like to know what The Facial Surgery Center can do for you, please join us for one of our FREE dinner seminars held in different areas of Charleston. These informative and entertaining seminars include a video presentation, before and after images, patients’ stories and a question and answer session. Watch for the next seminar here on our “News” page or visit our Facebook page.

Face lift, eyelid, brow lifts and other cosmetic plastic surgery

Having a face lift is one effective approach to “turning back time”, as are other surgical procedures such as eyelid and brow lifts. It is important to note that for the best possible results, it is recommended that surgical procedures be incorporated into an overall treatment plan. While surgery can lift and tighten, additional treatments over time, such as injectables, laser technology and customized ongoing skin care may be required to address skin tone and texture and preserve the young look you want for a longer period.

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Some of these procedures may be judged not medically necessary or functional by insurance companies. In addition, please note that all plastic surgery carries some uncertainty and risk. You can reduce your risks by choosing a qualified surgeon and accredited facility and closely following his advice, both before and after surgery. All procedures, except pediatric cases, are performed in Dr. Hochman’s accredited in-office operating room.

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