Dr. Hochman Brings Innovative Migraine Relief Procedure to South Carolina

Dr. Hochman is the first migraine specialist in South Carolina to utilize the iOVERA® treatment which is FDA approved to temporarily block pain.

With the iOVERA® device, Dr. Hochman can FREEZE THE PAIN! By targeting specific nerves around the head utilizing Focused Cold Therapy™, the pain message transmissions are blocked.

The treatment immediately reduces pain without drugs or pharmaceuticals. The nerve is slowly restored to normal functioning over weeks to months at which time re-treatment may be necessary.

The technology, cryotherapy, is safe and trusted having been used for over six decades for pain treatment. There is minimal discomfort associated with the office based procedure.

Dr. Hochman also uses other forms of treatment as part of his comprehensive migraine treatment plan: cranial nerve blocks, Botox injections, his trademarked SPHENOBLOCK™ procedure and migraine surgery. Working in conjunction with the patients’ primary headache doctor, Dr Hochman has been highly successful in treating many migraine and facial pain sufferers, bringing greatly needed relief.  Dr Hochman has the most extensive surgical experience in South Carolina for migraine patients.

Freeze the Pain

Freeze the Pain

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